Spring Break Teachers

Natalie McGreal, Yoga Teacher
Natalie believes in the power of self-care. Be it via yoga, daily mindful practices or self massage we all have the power to facilitate healing of body, mind and spirit. Natalie is a Certified Trauma Informed yoga teacher, 500hr certified through Moksha Yoga, and has been a body worker since 2007. She is forever on the lookout for new ways to support mental and physical health and well-being.


Rachel Sherron, Yoga Teacher
Rachel Sherron is a licensed counselor and yoga teacher who blends the ancient teachings of yoga with modern psychology.  She believes that psychological pain is a result of unprocessed emotions in the body and uses the transformational practice of yoga to help her clients build self awareness, heal from trauma, and develop compassion for self and others.  Rachel has extensive training in mind body therapies and currently works as a Yoga Therapist and Trauma Specialist at Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center in Lemont, Illinois and teaches at Moksha Yoga Center.




Erin Cowan, Yoga Teacher

Erin Cowan completed the 200hr Moksha Teacher Training Program in 2004, where she eventually earned her 500hr Teaching Certification. Most recently, Erin has been exploring the practice and science of Hanna Somatic Yoga. In May 2016, she completed the Somatic Yoga Professional Training Program, taught by Eleanor Criswell Hanna, at the Novato Institute in CA.

Stasia Holmes, Yoga Teacher
Stasia believes the practice of yoga creates space to develop greater integrity, intuition, and levity. We use our bodies and breath to shift our awareness into the present moment— where we gain the vision and focus to affect change in our lives. With acceptance and compassion, we are able to step into ourselves more fully and navigate life’s challenges more gracefully. Stasia received her 200hr certification through Moksha Yoga and is currently completing certification through Yoga to Transform Trauma.

Monica Bright, Yoga Teacher
Monica is a movement educator, Reiki practitioner and Certified Yoga Tune Up® Instructor and continues to study directly with the creator of YTU®, Jill Miller.  As a 500hr (E-RYT) certified yoga instructor she has traveled across the country and to Kerala, India to train exclusively with master teachers in the industries of yoga, biomechanics, functional movement, and physiotherapy. Without question,Monica has a passion for the human body and understands the human form on a considerably deeper level. Her intention is to awaken the importance of body awareness, proper postural alignment, and functional movement patterns with every student she meets.


Sound wave Symphony
Soundwave Symphony is a spiritual sound healing group comprised mainly of four musicians: Om Hanna, Lisa Devi, Mike McGuigan, and Yeshua. They utilize several disciplines and mediums in their performances: quartz and brass bowls and triangles, wood and metal flutes and drums, amplified acoustics and digital synthesis, yoga and reiki. Through leading interactive sound healing journeys, they aim to awaken spirits, free minds, and restore bodies.

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